Planning for Fall

As some of you may know, I will be beginning grad school this fall. I also work remotely, part-time. Between classes and work, I need to be organized if I am going to keep myself together!

That’s where my bullet journal comes in. I created a spread to plan when I am going to deal with what, on a weekly basis. You can see it below.

work/life balance spread
My Fall 2019 Work / Life Balance spread

As you can see, it is a Monday – Sunday timetable. Sunday is meant to be a day off from work and school, which I can spend focusing on myself and anything that needs to be done around the house. That is the only day I wrote my goal in ink on the page. All other days use washi table to mark the time.

Washi tape is basically decorative masking tape. It is extremely easy to remove, which makes it perfect for this spread. If I decide that I scheduled too much time to work, I can remove some of the washi tape, reassess, and put it down in a new orientation to better reflect what makes sense for me.

I have my classes on the page, as well as time to prep for those classes the day before, in a corresponding color. I have some time alotted for work, about the same time as I currently spend on it. And then I have time marked out on Saturday to work on study guides and homework.

Something I’ve thought of doing for a while but haven’t yet implemented is the idea of compiling and adding to a study guide each week. This way, I don’t have to cram to put everything together right before a test, and I have a better chance at remembering what I meant when I wrote my notes.

All other time that isn’t marked down is time to eat, sleep, socialize, and do other important things.

For anyone who struggles with work / life balance, I think a spread like this can be useful. How do you manage your time? Is it difficult?



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  1. Something that is very common in law school is a study group – usually a handful of people that support each other and keep them honest (you are less likely to slack off if others are counting on you). And I really enjoyed the camaraderie. Perhaps that could work for you!

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