My New Bullet Journal: First Look

In an effort to get my life together, I’ve started a new bullet journal! I’ve found that the bullet journal system can be really useful for organizing your life, especially if you like a more analog way to track everything. I find that handwriting things helps me remember them better, so I take most notes by hand. So for organizing, planning, and tracking, writing out what I’m thinking helps too.

What is bullet journaling exactly?

Bullet journaling is the process of tracking what you’ve done and planning for the future in a notebook. It requires two elements: a writing implement and a notebook. (I prefer dotted notebooks to lined or blank ones because I like to draw out boxes and calendars and such.)

The idea is pretty simple, but you can make it as complex as you want it to be. You can plan for days, weeks, months, perhaps even years in advance. And you can track everything, from your health to the movies you’ve watched lately to your expenses. You can take notes, actually journal in it like a diary, whatever you want. It is an incredibly versatile system.

My Intro Setup

As I said, I just started a new bullet journal. So what do I have in it so far?

  • A key to the different shapes of bullet points I use (a dash being a note, a square being a task, and so on)
  • A title page, with a nice little thought and a note of when I started (and a drawing of an axolotl!)
  • An index to keep track of where I put everything
  • A page in squares, so I know how many squares there are vertically and across, with a note as to how to split in half, thirds, and quarters
  • A future log, planning out major events, beginning next month
  • A few pages for the current month, including a calendar
  • A exercise couple trackers for the rest of the month
  • My thoughts on my recent graduation
  • Blog ideas
  • …and bullet journal ideas

I’m really looking forward to working with a bullet journal again. I find it really helpful, and maybe you might as well. If you want to organize and plan your life in a non-digital format, it’s a great way to get started in a way more flexible than your standard planner.

How do you keep your life together? Let me know!



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