What I’ve Been Listening To – Spring 2019

I thought it would be fun to hear (ha) what I’ve been listening to lately. You can find my playlist here. The sound and the lyrics of these songs often put me in the mood to write.

All I Hear is Waves – 1st Vows

I kinda wish that I was driving somewhere vast,

Like a desert, like a hole through my past

I wanna bend my back to touch your heart

But I took a wrong turn, and got turned off

I often get a little disconnected from people and have trouble understanding them, so this song really speaks to that for me.

Empire & the Sun – The Moth & The Flame

Cause you’re the Empire and the Sun

And you’re the voice that calls me home

And you’re the place that makes me want to stay

But your walls I cannot climb

Honestly, this song has so many good lyrics. It makes me sad because some of it felt very true for a very long time, and some parts still feel very true.

Living on the Moon – Yates

It’s time for you and me to get out of town

It’s an emergency exit

I got a notification on my Facebook

Some news telling me the world is in a panic

This song is more of a “fun” one. I just love space (if you know me, you know this) and the rhythm of the song is just so good.

Door – Mitski

Then, one night, at the park I saw it

With my cheek in the dirt

I couldn’t move underneath the dark

But at least I finally found it

OK, back to sadder music (I just really like kind of sad music). This song is just so pretty, and her voice carries so much emotion, it’s really good.

It Will Come Back – Hozier

Don’t let me in with with no intention to keep me

Jesus Christ, don’t be kind to me

Honey don’t feed me, I will come back

I have a lot to say on monstrosity, which I’ll get to at a later date. Anyway, this is a song where Hozier assumes the role of a monster in the cold. That is enough to be interesting, but certainly the bit about “Don’t let me in with no intention to keep me” speaks to me.

Hearts a Mess – Gotye

You don’t get burned

‘Cause nothing gets through

It makes it easier, easier on you

But that much more difficult for me

Again, I really like the rhythm and movement of this song. But also the idea of closing yourself off to not get hurt – well, I think that might connect for a lot of people. And there’s a note of desperation to this song sometimes that really gets to me.

1998 – Chet Faker

I’m not the reason you’re looking for redemption

You cut some strings and everything will fade away

You tried to use some physical connection

There’s nothing left for you to say

This is not really a lyrics-focused song. I just like the sound of it, and the remixed versions are pretty good too.

Long & Lost – Florence + the Machine

Is it too late to come on home

Are all those bridges now old stone

Is it too late to come on home

Can the city forgive, I hear its sad song

I think that it can be easy to push people away when you’re hurting. That isn’t a good thing, but it really shows something when you’re welcomed back anyway.

O.O.A. – 1st Vows

She’s not your object of affection

She’s not an object at all

She’s not the answer to a question

She’s not waiting to be made whole

Now I don’t identify with she/her pronouns, but I do identify with the objectification that can come when someone thinks they like you in a romantic way. I was so used to that, that it was kind of amazing when I got into my current relationship, which is healthy and doesn’t make me feel like an object at all.

Crack Baby – Mitski

Crack baby you don’t know what you want

But you know that you had it once

And you know that you want it back

Crack baby you don’t know what you want

But you know that you’re needing it

And you know that you need it bad

We end with a somewhat mournful song. Do you sometimes feel like you ache for something but you’re not sure what it is? I think this song really captures that feeling.

What have you been listening to recently? What are some of your favorite lyrics? I love to discover new music, so recommendations are always appreciated!



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