Tarot: A Tool for Self Care

If you are a friend of mine, you know that I am on the witchier end of things. One of my favorite things to do in the witchy realm of the world is tarot.

What is tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination using a system of 78 cards (sometimes 79 cards in particular decks). These cards use symbols to represent archetypes and other aspects of our collective unconscious (as Jung might have put it). Human brain love patterns – tarot is the application of patterns to what we have already observed.

Tarot reading can provide insight into our daily lives and offer advice. It can also hint at possible outcomes if you’re more into fortune telling, but remember: no future is set in stone; you always have your free will.

I use tarot as a self care tool, meant to help provide solace and advice to those who need it (usually me!).

Tarot has helped me stay on an even keel at times where I might have made a rash decision. For example, it suggested I give my relationship with my girlfriend a try at a time when I was – dubious, to say the least. (Not because of her! But because I was afraid of going long distance so early.) And so I put in more effort and that relationship has been one of the best things to ever be in my life.

Actually, I got into tarot during a mental health crisis. I was home, taking a break from school due to my active suicidal ideation. I needed something to provide a voice of reason, to calm me. The process of shuffling the cards and finding answers helped. These answers are never surprising exactly – they usually are things I already know. But to have them laid out in front of me really helps me gain perspective.

If you find that you could use another tool for self care, I whole heartedly recommend tarot as a potential tool. It isn’t for everyone, sure, but if you want help gaining a little perspective, tarot can be invaluable.

Have you ever read tarot or had it read for you? Do you find it useful when you need another voice?



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